Style Ally

When you’re standing in a towel in front of your wardrobe–all of the clothes you own–how you do feel?  

Excited about getting dressed and all of the many options that you love?  

Or is it more of a sense of frustration, disappointment, hopelessness?

Or even defeat–that you’re faced with exactly the same choices you were faced with yesterday?  

If you’re feeling anything negative, my next question is–do you feel like your wardrobe is an accurate reflection of you and your personality? Because when it’s not helping us to express our true selves it can really feel like a drain.

Can you imagine a wardrobe where every garment in it excites you and fits you? That when getting dressed you don’t know what to wear because you love ALL of the options available? Rather than just trying to find something that will work for today. That’s passable…  

I would like to be your Style Ally. I would love to help you get out of the rut with your wardrobe and find new excitement and joy about clothes. I promise, it’s possible.  And just to be extra clear–I’m talking about non-latex clothes here.

Clothing is incredibly powerful. It’s part of how we present and share ourselves with the world.  And when that feels off or incomplete, we can feel that. Maybe you’ve been using clothing to blend in or to hide, to minimise unwanted attention. And, if that’s the case, that’s ok. There are lots of reasons why we limit ourselves in what we choose to wear. But if you’re not feeling inspired or at least happy, there really is a lot more joy available to you.  Maybe you’ve forgotten how it feels to really enjoy what you’re wearing. But it can be found again or discovered even if it’s not something you’ve felt before.  

Here’s How I Can Help 

I am an incredible shopper.  I have over 15 years of experience designing and sourcing costumes for theatre.  I have a deep understanding of how garments fit and what kinds of alterations are possible if they don’t.  I have designed and made garments (both latex and non-latex) for humans of all shapes and sizes and understand how to help people feel confident and comfortable.  

And best of all I love shopping.  I love browsing option after option, finding a good price, and seeing what’s appeared that I hadn’t even expected.  I genuinely search and scroll through new fashion brands for fun.  But even more than shopping, I love helping people to feel great about what they wear and to feel confident about how they’re presenting themselves and their bodies.  I know how empowering it can be to take on the challenges in the day if you’re wearing something that makes you feel fantastic.  We all deserve to feel that way, no matter your shape or size right now.

I’d also like to make absolutely clear that I am accepting of people of any and all genders.  I don’t believe garments have genders and will always encourage you to wear whatever it is that you love and that makes you happy.  I am completely welcoming to the trans and non-binary community.  You are welcome exactly as your whole self.  

This is for you if:

  • You find it difficult to find pieces that you love.
  • You find it difficult to find pieces that fit you.
  • You’re tired of ordering multiple sizes of everything and returning them all because none of them work.  
  • You find shopping overwhelming or depressing or triggering because of body shame.  
  • You’re interested in quality rather than quantity.  
  • You want to find more sustainable and independent brands to support but aren’t sure where to begin.
  • You’re interested in pieces that you can wear for years to come rather than just the current trends.
  • You’re open to suggestions and ideas about what might meet your needs and wants.
  • You’d like to reimagine your style or find what is your style.  
  • You’ve transitioned and would like an ally to help you understand the new section of the garment industry you’re now shopping in.

This is not for you if:

  • You think Primark is a great company.
  • You think fashion advertising is totally fine exactly as it is right now.
  • You think we don’t need to worry about things like feminism or global warming.  
  • You think being seen wearing the same garment more than once is a problem.  
  • You believe in the absolutes of gender binaries and that anything in between in wrong or unacceptable.  
  • You want to be lied to and told that everything looks great on you.
  • You want to be told this season’s trends and why you must wear them.  

Choosing a Duration

I currently offer two durations for calls — 2 hours or 4 hours.

2 hours will work for you if you have a good sense of what you like and don’t like–an idea of what you’d consider your style to be. If you’ve got a few pieces on your wish list or specific goals of items to find, this should be enough time for us to make some progress.

4 hours is for you if you need a bit of assistance in determining what it is you like. There’s more time for me to get to know you; asking questions and making suggestions. This is enough time for us to explore together, to dig into your current relationship with clothes and how to improve it.

How It Works

Once you book a call, you’ll be sent a questionnaire to consider and zoom details. Calls always start on zoom to get an idea of what you’re looking for and hoping to get out of the session.

Once I have a sense of what you’re looking for I’ll get to searching and compiling a list of links for you. The exact outcome will be different for each call because it will be tailored to your needs and wants. Some outcomes could be:

  • Links to items you’ve been looking for
  • A variety of options that you might not have considered
  • Brands that suit your style and have pieces in your size
  • Tips for how to shop if you have common fit issues with standard sizing
  • Keywords and other industry terms for what you’re interested in to make searching easier

Calls are usually part practical, looking for specific items that you’ve been looking for, and part inspirational, looking for brands that you’d like to keep an eye on or introducing you to new items that may someday make it into your wardrobe.  

These calls are about your non-latex wardrobe. If you’d like to chat to me about my latex pieces please contact me here.

Please contact me directly if you would like to arrange a payment plan.


“Working with Rose was an absolute treat. She opened my eyes to items I never would have considered but that were absolutely right for me. She also helped me explore my relationship with clothes and guided me to finding playfulness and fun within my wardrobe. Throughout the process I felt really listened to and was impressed with Rose’s sensitivity and thoughtfulness. I left the call with a huge wish list of items that I can’t wait to start adding to my wardrobe. Highly recommend working with Rose if you get a chance!!” – Joeli