Cost Estimates

Prices are determined though estimates for each specific project.  Projects vary greatly in their scale and detail and can be tailored to a budget or geared towards achieving the perfect look. Rose can also work with you to create an instalment payment plan.  Please contact Rose for an appointment to discuss your project.  Appointments are free of charge and a one-off fitting fee is charged per project.  Payment accepted in British Pounds Sterling.  Cost of materials and supplies are not included.


Rose Noir requires a deposit from the client before work on any project can begin.  A cost estimate is created after a design meeting and sketches agreed, and deposits start from 10% of the estimated final cost but depend on the scale of the project.  Deposits are not refundable under any circumstances.  If the design changes as the project progresses, Rose reserves the right to adjust the original estimate.


Clients must pay for the cost of all materials.  These costs are not included in the estimated fees.


No work will be released to the client for use until full payment has been received.  There is the option of paying in set instalments if initially agreed.  Invoices are sent via email.  If payment is not received within 14 days of an invoice, Rose Noir Designs reserves the right to charge a late payment fee in accordance with the Late Payment Act of 1998.

Meetings and Fittings

A flat rate, one hour fee, for each project is incurred for fittings.  All additional fittings, including a final fitting, to insure all parties are satisfied with the garment, are free.  Initial client meetings and futher design meetings are also without charge.

Care of Garments

In general, all created items are hand-wash or dry clean only; however please ask for information in regards to the care for your garment.  Please be in touch if any repairs are needed.  If contacted immediately, repairs will be fixed free of charge.


Designs by Rose remain the intellectual property of Rose Noir Designs at all times.  A custom design will not be exactly duplicated without permission from the original client.



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