Mesh Latex

Mesh latex is created by free-hand pouring liquid latex. It does not involve any moulds. Leaving space between the poured lines creates the holes. It is an additive process rather than subtractive—as cutting out would be. The additive process of only pouring the latex where desired, rather than removing latex, creates less waste.

Each item of latex clothing is custom-made especially for you.  All colours are custom mixed and each garment individually poured to size for each order. Variations cab be made as requested, including mesh style and to have certain areas of the garment ‘filled-in’. Mesh garments can be styled over any fitted garments and do not have to be worn on their own. Latex is fashionable enough that it can be enjoyed outside of the fetish environment as edgy street wear and festival fashion.

Bird’s nest mesh can create the ombré colour blends and can incorporate multiple colours of latex.

Latex skirt  







Garments do not need to be entirely made from mesh. Mesh can be mixed with solid sheeting to create garments that do not require anything else to be worn with them.