Being friendly and working in harmony with our planet is of vital importance.  The fashion industry is notoriously harmful and wasteful.   RND addresses these issues and demonstrates how we can change for the better.

RND is a vegan company and does not use any tools or materials derived from animal products. Many people assume that all latex is vegan.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  Some latex has casein added to it, which is a byproduct from cow’s milk.  It is not necessary and RND ensures that all of its suppliers do not include casein in their products. Animal agriculture is a significant contributor to climate change and we do not need to rely on living sentient beings for our fashion choices.

RND is working towards being a zero waste company.  Currently we focus on minimizing waste through the following ways.

  • Latex, unlike fabric, does not have a grain so pattern pieces can be cut out of the sheeting in any direction. This means that more pattern pieces can fit within the same yardage and less waste is created.  Each poured garment is poured to size and only the edges are trimmed away.
  • Mesh latex is created through an additive process rather than subtractive.  The excess that is created in trimming the edges of poured pattern pieces is repurposed into latex jewelry, which can be found in the accessories section of the shop.
  • Furthermore, making made-to-order latex clothing means that what’s created meets the demand and that resources are not being used on products that may not be of interest or use to the customer.

RND uses recycled packaging and paper for their printed materials.  With all environmental endeavours RND promotes progress not perfection.  Do the best that you can right now rather than waiting to do something perfect later on.  We are continuing to expand our range or garments into other sustainable materials whenever possible.

Body Positivity

There is no such thing as a ‘standard size’ human body. We are each unique and beautiful. Standard sizing was invented by big business in order to decrease production time and increase profits. It’s ultimately designed to help the producer and not the consumer.

When you try on a garment and it doesn’t fit properly, it is not your body that is wrong; it is the garment. There is nothing wrong with your body. Working directly with individuals we so often see how this system has a negative impact emotionally on almost all of us.  The media and capitalism and that has convinced you there is something wrong with you, but we know you are beautiful exactly as you are just now.  Be confident in who you are and believe it!

Most people do not get a great fit from standard sizing because there is no standard sized person!  A great fitting garment can make you feel and look fantastic. At RND we make everything to order, to your measurements, which is the best for you and the planet.




Who cares? If you love it, wear it.

Clothing does not have sexes or genders.  Everyone has the permission to wear whatever they desire and whatever expresses them.

We are allowed to have fun and feel free and beautiful no matter what shape or size you are or how you identify or choose not to. Every RND garment is available to everyone, no matter what gender the clothing is normatively associated. Our clothing is not primarily listed by gender but by garment types – such as tops, bottoms, outwear, lingerie.  We show our garments on models of all genders, and a variety of body types.

Body positivity and radical self-love are the cornerstones of RND.  We celebrate a sex positive, body positive, colourful world, where everyone feels safe and confident enough to be themselves.

Due to the made-to-measure nature of our business the process does take longer than standard manufacturing.  This does impact the overall cost of the garment.  We hope that price is not inhibiting and we will be offering a payment plan option soon.  Our pieces are customisable with the options of add ons with the aim of keeping the garments as accessible as possible.  It is important that all those involved in the making and promotion of RND are paid a fair and living wage.

Currently all RND products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Latex Techniques

Latex is an extremely versatile material and RND uses a variety of techniques in the creation of their latex clothing.  Find out more about some of the processes below.