About Rose

Rose is 5 foot 2 1/2 inches (and yes that half-inch is important). She is a brunette with 100% natural face-defining eyebrows. Growing up she believed that the ideal of beauty was a size zero, tall, leggy blonde and was so disappointed she would never be one. Growing up with two older brothers she was also a tomboy.

In adulthood, the first garment that made Rose feel joyous every time she wore it was a vintage red swing dress with black polka dots. She didn’t wear a lot of colour or prints at the time but this dress is what started to convert her. It was impossible for her to wear this dress and not feel happy about life and her body. This is the type of feeling she hopes to help everyone achieve when they wear a Rose Noir Designs garment.

Rose trained in design, specifically scenery and costumes for theatre.  This work has helped her to see how clothes help us to define who we are and express ourselves, as well as experience working with a wide range of body types.

In between making her designs for theatre, she started making bespoke pieces for individuals, which eventually led to working with latex.  Initially she worked almost exclusively for plus-sized women.  This happened mostly by chance but became very important.  Rose believes that everyone has the ability to be sexy, the right to feel sexy, and to be empowered through what they wear.


“I started designing for a lot for dominant women, who were strong and confident, but didn’t always feel that way about their bodies because of the downfalls of the clothing industry and standard sizing.  I’ve found it incredibly rewarding to design for all shapes and sizes and really make a garment fit an individual.  Everyone can look good in a garment if it fits them.  Making someone feel good is what clothing should do.  And I hope for clothing to be as unique as the person wearing it.”


Rose is passionate about other eco-brands.  She loves and highly recommends the following; SkfkMatter, and Insecta Shoes.  These are genuine companies she has purchased products from and is not an ambassador or affiliated with these brands.